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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
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Volume 5 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
-Symptoms such as dizziness, hearing impairment, migraine headaches and cataracts improved.-

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity causes various symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, palpitations, perspiration, twinging of the eyes and irritated skin. In modern medicine, there are no effective remedial treatments for electromagnetic hypersensitivity and symptomatic treatments are applied to ease the symptoms. Goshinjo therapy has shown dramatic holistic improvements just by eliminating Jaki (excessive electromagnetic energy) in your body.

'Sudden deafness', 'Meniere disease', 'Juvenile cataracts' and more
One day in April 2006, Yumiko Ohshita (fictitious name, age 56), an office worker, lost the hearing ability of her left ear suddenly and was diagnosed with 'sudden deafness' at a hospital.
She was told to get treatment at an early stage by the doctor for a better outcome and was admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks to have steroid drips. The hearing of her left ear did not return. Some different treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy allowed her to hear a high pitch tone but did not allow her to hear.
Yumiko had not been feeling well for some years before this sudden deafness. She recalls, 'I was diagnosed with Meniere disease when I suffered from sudden deafness. Two years prior to that, I started suffering from severe dizziness. My head was cloudy all the time and I felt as if I was floating on air and I also had migraine headaches often. I used a computer at the office every day and I always had stiff shoulders and a stiff neck, especially the area below my left ear. This area was so stiff and I couldn't move my neck well. I suffered from juvenile cataracts and I struggled to see properly when I was tired.'
Every time she visited the hospital, the number of potential illnesses increased and so did the medications. However, the medications didn't make her feel any better at all.
During this period she was so worried about her condition that she thought she would end up a cripple and an acquaintance introduced her to Kihodo. On March 23, 2007, she tried her first Goshinjo treatment.

Dizziness and headaches stopped, and her hearing returned.
'From the first Goshinjo treatment, I felt that this therapy was different from others. I experienced the feeling that Jaki (Evil life energy) was expelled from the tips of my hands whilst I was being treated. After the session, I felt that my body was much lighter. My dizziness and headaches which I had suffered from for years disappeared after just one session, I was amazed and decided to have the treatment once a week.'
Her hearing returned after some sessions of Goshinjo therapy.
Sudden deafness which did not improve with steroid drips or other treatments and as some months had passed from the first onset, usually cannot be cured. However, an examination at the hospital six months after the first onset revealed that her hearing had completely recovered. The otolaryngologist said, 'I cannot believe it.'
Now she can also see small letters clearly despite still having cataracts, and her presbyopia has also been resolved unexpectedly.
'Goshinjo therapy gives me a vivid feeling that Jaki (Evil life energy) is being expelled from my body, it is sometimes like an electric shock and sometimes like a very sharp feeling just like being cut by a razor. After such feelings during the treatment, I feel really good. You have to experience it by yourself to understand what I mean.'
Yumiko was told by Master Kida at every session, 'The cause is all due to the electromagnetic waves.' She did not doubt it and started to pay attention to electromagnetic waves in her daily life.

Moving to a suburb to avoid electromagnetic waves.
One day Yumiko found a book about electromagnetic hypersensitivity at a book store. Her symptoms were similar to those of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the book and she was then diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity at a university hospital. The doctor explained to her that Meniere disease, sudden deafness, migraines and juvenile cataracts were all reactions to electromagnetic waves together with the autonomic imbalance.
After this diagnosis, many things came to her mind.
'When I am close to steel towers and mobile phone towers, I experience a heavy head and a tight chest. When I get on a train, my dizziness gets stronger. Once I got into a hybrid car and I couldn't stop coughing and lost my voice.'
She was convinced that all her symptoms were a reaction to the electromagnetic waves.
Then, how should she handle the electromagnetic hypersensitivity?
The specialist at the hospital told her, 'Avoid electromagnetic waves as much as possible.'
She was living in an all-electrified tower apartment complex surrounded by mobile phone towers, Tokyo Tower and a TV station close-by and the Shinkansen travels past the front of the complex. She realized that all her symptoms started after she moved into the tower apartment.
For a better environment with less electromagnetic waves, she moved to the next prefecture from Tokyo in February, 2010. To minimize the effect of electromagnetic waves she carefully considered the design of the house.

Household electrical appliances emit strong electromagnetic waves.
Yumiko maintains her symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity don't get any worse with her life style and she tries to avoid electromagnetic waves as much as possible together with undergoing Goshinjo therapy treatment regularly.
For example, the electronic devices she has to use when working are carefully chosen from manufacturers which have controlled emissions of electromagnetic waves on the devices. She tries to stay away from the household electrical appliances like TV's or refrigerators as much as possible. The location of electrical appliances at home is also given careful consideration.
Still she cannot avoid electromagnetic waves completely and if she is exposed to them her symptoms return. When this happens, Goshinjo therapy is the only way to control them. Daily administration of Goshinjo therapy by herself and weekly visits to Kihodo are mandatory.
'I can tell how strong the electromagnetic wave is because my body reacts to it. I feel the electromagnetic waves from household appliances are strong, especially washing machines, air conditioner compressors, heated toilet seats, shredders and copy machines.'
It's very convincing when Yumiko says. It's wise not to stay close to electrical appliances when they are operating even for people who don't suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
In modern society, it is impossible to avoid electromagnetic waves completely because of satellite transmissions, mobile telephones, radio waves from TV's operating 24 hours a day constantly bombarding our body at the speed of light.
This is why Yumiko finds the necessity of Goshinjo therapy appealing.
'The specialist said there was no effective treatment for electromagnetic hypersensitivity, however, Goshinjo therapy is very effective. This is the only therapy for electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the world. I can tell from my experience. If I had not discovered Goshinjo therapy, the medications I would have to take for all the symptoms were many and I may have ended up being a cripple.'

Goshinjo therapy is the ultimate therapy for the electromagnetic generation.
Electromagnetic waves are invisible. In Japan we hardly hear about the influence of electromagnetic waves to human bodies. Yumiko points out that many Japanese do not care about the huge amount of electromagnetic waves emitted by electrical appliances.
'Because I suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity I am more careful about them. Japanese people should be made more aware as Westerners from developed countries have advanced electromagnetic measures. A lack of knowledge makes us blind. We cannot see the steel towers or the mobile phone towers around us. The houses and schools having them close-by are common, but such environments are very dangerous for our children.'
In May 2011, the Japanese media announced that IAEC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) of the WHO (World Health Organization) has evaluated that as being limited radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use. More people became aware of the health risk of electromagnetic waves, but Yumiko thinks it is still not enough.
'Up until I was diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, my symptoms were diagnosed as Meniere disease, sudden deafness and so on. There is no doubt in my mind that persons diagnosed with menopausal disorder, autonomic imbalance, depression or arrhythmia, the cause could be due to the electromagnetic waves. I believe this as many hospitals are not aware of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I believe quite a few people suffer from it with symptoms which don't improve easily. These persons not feeling well or suffering from the diseases with unknown causes are increasing and everyone is exposed to electromagnetic waves to some degree.'
'Goshinjo therapy is the ultimate therapy for persons from the electromagnetic generation. Not only for the purpose of eliminating electromagnetic energy that is harmful to the human body, but you also can feel the invisible harmful energy which is Jaki (Evil life energy) being eliminated from your body. I believe that Goshinjo therapy has an enormous role to change this modern society which relies on electricity too much.'
This is the real voice from a person who faces this issue every day.

Radiation is the worst type of the electromagnetic waves.
Master Kida speaks about electromagnetic waves as follows.
'Administering Goshinjo therapy makes me realize that the electromagnetic waves cause strong Jaki (excessive electromagnetic energy) in your body and put your body at a huge health risk. Persons who are exposed to strong electromagnetic waves carry enormous amounts of Jaki which I have to eliminate repeatedly. Their bodies are so electrified that they can feel Jaki going out through their hands and feet with a tingling feeling whilst being treated. Accumulated Jaki in your body makes your life energy field abnormal, causes a malfunction to your cells and genes and results in illnesses such as pain, inflammation or tumors. Modern medicine recognizes that children's leukemia or electromagnetic hypersensitivity as illnesses that electromagnetic waves play some part in, however, through my experience of practicing Goshinjo therapy I have to say that every single illness from hay fever to cancer has something to do with electromagnetic waves.'

Recently, because of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, we speak about the risk of radiation more often. Needless to say, radiation is the worst type of the electromagnetic waves.
The patients of Kihodo who are more aware of the health risk of electromagnetic waves just like Yumiko try to administer Goshinjo therapy to themselves more often to lower the risk from radiation.
Master Kida says, 'Goshinjo therapy has helped a lot of cancer patients reduce the side effects from not only chemotherapy or radiotherapy but also CT or MRI scans. I am sure that Goshinjo therapy will be a great help towards the risk of radiation, the worst type of electromagnetic waves. If you already possess Goshinjo implements, administering Goshinjo therapy by yourself and to your family members on daily basis is the best way to protect yourselves from electromagnetic waves and radiation. If you don't possess Goshinjo implements, Kihodo recommend that you perform Goshinjo Self Hand Therapy.'

August 5, 2011
Masako Kubota
English translation R & A Grosso