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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

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Volume 6 Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Remarkably improved and administering Goshinjo therapy as a therapist in Australia-

There is a Japanese woman who administers Goshinjo therapy in Australia to her family members and friends and is a certified Goshinjo therapist. Her own rheumatoid arthritis led her to discover Goshinjo therapy. Her long-term pain disappeared just after one session of Goshinjo therapy and she decided to become a therapist by traveling to Japan regularly. The following is her account of how her rheumatoid arthritis which is supposed to have no cure improved and how Goshinjo therapy is appreciated in Australia.

Intense pain in joints 'The weight of a blanket hurt her wrist.'
In 2005, Mrs. A. Grosso (age 50) became ill with rheumatoid arthritis six months after she married an Australian and started living in Melbourne.
One day she found her right wrist and fingers swollen and painful. The earliest appointment to the hospital was 3 months away and during that period the tendon of her right ring finger was severed in her wrist.
'In Australia, it takes some time to get to see the doctors at the hospital. The doctors didn't explain well enough as to what was wrong. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the hospital, but I was not convinced without a better explanation as the rheumatoid factor in the blood tests was negative. They recommended a very high dose of steroids and anti-rheumatic drugs which were two or three times the dosage prescribed in Japan. I was worried about the side effects and could not make up my mind to start taking them. Because I did not have severe pain at that time, I decided not to take them.'
However, six months later intense pain returned to the joints of her hands.
The pain was so severe that she could not hold a coffee cup, could not sleep or toss and turn in bed as the weight of the blankets caused her pain. She could not cope with daily activities and was rushed to hospital.
At hospital she was given a steroid injection to her wrist because she was to going to Japan a few days later. The injection made her pain free and made her forget about her rheumatoid arthritis. She spent about one month in Japan that included lifting her heavy suitcase, without any pain. It did not take long for the effect of the steroid injection to wear off and the pain returned to her even more severe after she returned to Australia.
'As the steroid injection made you free from pain, this proves that it is rheumatoid arthritis. You have to start taking medication,' the doctor convinced her to start taking Plaquenil (*Hydroxychloroquine, anti-malaria medication, is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis because it is supposed to help control the excessive immune function).

Persistent pain and the surgery to repair the finger tendon
'Plaquenil is not approved for treating rheumatoid arthritis in Japan due to its side effects of retinopathy. Because of the severe pain I kept taking Plaquenil for a year and regularly had my eyes monitored. This medication with such a high risk did not help the pain disappear completely. I kept thinking to myself that the risk was not worth the benefit.'
She was referred to a rheumatologist, however, whilst waiting for the appointment another two finger tendons severed. It took her three months to see the specialist and undergo the surgery to repair the tendons.
The dose of Plaquenil increased and it turned out to be not so effective, so it was changed to Methotrexate (*Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug, anti-cancer drug). Because of the fear of the side effects and the drugs lack of effect she looked for alternative medicines. She found some supplements from U.S.A. and took them in lieu of the prescribed medication.
'I continued taking the supplements for a year. I didn't have to worry about the side effects too much, however, I didn't feel all that well as I had to take many tablets every day and it cost me around US$400 or more per month.'

In 2008, Mrs. Grosso visited another hospital for a second opinion. Following a number of blood tests the doctor said, 'You suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and another autoimmune disease also. In future you will end up in a wheel chair.' She was so shocked and distressed.
'The doctor recommended high doses of medications to be changed every three months prior to treatment by injection which will be continued for her life time. I used to feel tired every day and always felt cold. I could not remain in the same posture or keep doing the same thing for more than 30 minutes and could not concentrate for long periods. I became so depressed when I imagined the situation getting worse and worse. I thought that to follow the doctor's orders might be the only choice.'

Mrs. Grosso discovered Goshinjo therapy and convinced her husband.
She kept looking for other solutions on the internet and discovered Goshinjo therapy. She ordered the book 'Goshinjo The Super Therapy' written by Master Kisho Kida. She said, 'It seems that it is impossible to explain life energy scientifically, however, I thought the theory of Master Kida was scientific. Every explanation in the book was convincing and I was deeply impressed.'
'I would like to go to Japan and try Goshinjo therapy,' she told her Australian husband. However, the more I was passionate the more he was worried. She obtained a DVD which showed the patients at Kihodo and showed it to her husband, but because the video showed how well they improved he became even more skeptical.
She could not stop thinking about Goshinjo therapy and kept reading the book repeatedly. She also kept trying the breathing method written in the book every day for months. Whilst continuing to do this she felt something… 'Is this it?', but no one to ask, however she kept trying day after day.
Her husband agreed to try Goshinjo therapy in Japan at last but said to her repeatedly, 'Be careful not to be deceived. Take your time and think thoroughly before deciding.'

Her pain disappeared and her body felt so light as if she was in her 20's.
On October 3, 2009 she visited Kihodo for her first Goshinjo therapy. She recalls the impression at that time as follows.
'Any medication would not eliminate my pain completely, however, Goshinjo therapy eliminated the pain in my wrists and knees completely then and there. I felt that my body was so light. Because I hadn't taken any supplements since returning to Japan, it is definitely the effect of Goshinjo therapy. I had never experienced this feeling from medication or supplements that I felt my body so light and easy to move.
The feeling of life energy which I started to have while I was trying the breathing method in Australia became stronger during the treatment. It felt like a tingling feeling in my fingertips.
On October 7, I had the second session and purchased Goshinjo therapy implements. I then attended every day for two weeks at Kihodo to learn the therapy. Just staying at Kihodo allowed me to feel the life energy in me and that became stronger when I held Goshinjo therapy implements in my hand. The atmosphere at Kihodo was very warm and comfortable, I believe that was because Kihodo was filled with the hearty life energies of Master Kida and his disciples. It was a precious and happy experience for me. I thank Kihodo for having me.'

Whilst she was learning Goshinjo therapy, she also experienced something important. Half way through her learning the severe pain from her rheumatoid arthritis returned.
'Goshinjo therapy was the last resort for me. I might have to give up thinking that I could ever be well and healthy again.'
She couldn't stop her tears with despair, but Master Kida quickly organized to give her Goshinjo treatment on the spot, and soon her severe pain disappeared. Her tears of despair changed to tears of touchingness and gratefulness.
'It is important to look after myself, but I was more focused about learning Goshinjo therapy and I overused my wrists. As Master Kida told me it is important to get myself treated and that is also a part of learning Goshinjo therapy. I will never forget how quickly Master Kida organized to give me Goshinjo treatment with his disciples. The experience that the pain disappeared so soon was amazing and I was so grateful. This made me certain that Goshinjo therapy gives mental comfort as well unlike conventional Western medicine that focuses only on the symptoms of the patients. Since that event I administer Goshinjo therapy to myself every day and I don't have the pain any longer.'
After she kept administering Goshinjo therapy to herself every day, she felt her body become even lighter.
She used to feel cold even in summer and she could not remain in the same posture for more than 30 minutes due to the pain and fatigue. She used to feel her body was stiff and heavy as if she was dragging her body. She had to have a sleep during the day otherwise she would suffer from a headache in the evening and could not do anything. Goshinjo therapy stopped her feeling cold and made her whole body warm, and it also stopped her need to take laxatives which she was taking daily for about twenty years. She said, 'I felt so much better that I could keep standing all day just like when I was in my 20's. I also could get back some peace of mind.'

Spreading Goshinjo therapy in Australia
Mrs. Grosso returned to Australia in better state physically and mentally. Her husband was so amazed and happy to see her get better.
That same night she gave him a Goshinjo treatment for 10 minutes for his shoulder pain and the pain was gone the following day. He was so skeptical before but became a big fan of Goshinjo therapy immediately.
'My husband speaks about Goshinjo therapy to everyone he meets,' she said. She has given trial treatments to over fifty people.
'I gave some treatment to a 22-year-old Australian girl for a stiff shoulder. She said it was very relaxing during the treatment and her stiff shoulder got better after the treatment. I found lots of Jaki (Evil life energy) in her head and gave her a thorough treatment. She told me later, "I used to suffer from PMS with severe headaches, but they have gone since the Goshinjo treatment."
A 22-year-old Egyptian boy felt a numb sensation to his left ring and small fingers, and he was experiencing an electric shock traveling from his elbow to those fingers during weight training. After 20 minutes of Goshinjo treatment he got his feeling back to his fingers and hasn't had the electric shock sensation since.
A 54-yeaer-old Egyptian lady had sore toes for some years which steroid injections didn't work and she kept taking a high dose of painkillers every day. She felt the pain ease after 20 minutes of the treatment. She has been feeling well since.
A 56-year-old man from Mauritius suffered from back pain caused by a herniated disk and was amazed with the immediate results of Goshinjo therapy, "I feel really good. I have tried chiropractic and physiotherapy repeatedly and couldn't improve at all."
A 50-year-old Italian man suffered from shoulder pain which he had to hold his shoulder when coughing with painful facial expression. After 15 minutes of Goshinjo therapy he could smile. To see smiles after giving Goshinjo treatment is my utmost pleasure,' she said.

Kihodo website in English will be uploaded soon.
'It makes me happy to see smiles after Goshinjo therapy on the faces of the persons including babies and children who struggle with health issues. Goshinjo therapy will be the spark for my life because it gives me confidence that I can help control my health and I can help others by easing their pain. I am so grateful that I could discover Goshinjo therapy and Master Kida who developed and created Goshinjo therapy.'
Goshinjo therapy had changed her life she suffered from the severe pain of rheumatoid arthritis. She visits Japan every year in pursuit of Goshinjo therapy whilst administering Goshinjo therapy to others in Australia. She wants Goshinjo therapy to help people to get their health back and maintain a healthy and peaceful world. Whilst she administers Goshinjo therapy with such wishes in Australia, she thinks of one sentence written by Ph.D.P. Gen Matsumoto in the book 'Goshinjo The Super Therapy' by Master Kisho Kida, 'I believe that Japan as a country should analyze this therapy scientifically for further improvement as a Japanese invention and make it available worldwide for other nations to improve the welfare of their people.'
Mrs. Grosso thought that if Goshinjo therapy and its theory are well known by people more individuals in the world will benefit in coping with the hardship of illnesses, and has started translating the theory of Goshinjo therapy with the help of her husband after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011. Kihodo's website in English will be ready soon.

November 1, 2011
Masako Kubota
English translation R & A Grosso