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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

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Volume 9 Heart Failure Vol. 2
-Cardiomegaly and arrhythmia returned to normal.-

Recently at Kihodo, I met Kenichi Nakamura (fictitious name) who had suffered from heart failure as per Volume 8 of the testimonials. He told me that he had been very well and had not suffered from any arrhythmia caused by atrial fibrillation. Not only has his life style returned to normal but has also started swimming at a gym. His heart does not have any problem and can swim up to 1400 meters. There are other cases that Goshinjo therapy has helped heart failure. Following is a case of cardiomegaly and arrhythmia that improved rapidly with Goshinjo therapy.

Arrhythmia whilst sleeping made him think that he would die.
Hiroyuki Masuda (fictitious name, age 57) from Tokyo who used to own and administer convenience stores had not been feeling well since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.
'I had been healthy and never went to see a doctor. However after the earthquake, I had a fever which came and went just like a prolonged cold. I then started to feel pressure in my chest and I was unable to walk home from the station which used to take about 15 minutes. Just walking for around 5 minutes caused shortness of breath and I had to stop many times just to get home. I had never felt like this before and I thought something was wrong. Around midnight on March 24, I had to get up due to severe shortness of breath. I was scared that my heart would stop and I would die, so I went to a clinic nearby the following day.'
The tests revealed his heart was swollen by 1.5 times its normal size and was diagnosed with cardiomegaly. He was immediately sent to a large hospital with a referral. At the trauma center his blood pressure was 155 over 105 and he was treated with a hypotensive agent and diuretic. His symptoms improved and he was sent home that day. However, the doctor explained that he should have an intracardiac catheter some days later due to his cardiomegaly, arrhythmia and high blood pressure. As soon as he arrived home he went through the book 'Miracle Therapy' (written by Masayoshi Toyoda, published by Gento-sha) which he had previously purchased.

Just one session of Goshinjo therapy eliminated the severe pressure in Hiroyuki's chest.
'I love reading and go to a bookstore quite regularly. One day I found the book "Miracle Therapy". The book had a lot of data and appeared reliable. Although I did not have any health issues, recently, my golf instructor had passed away from rectal cancer. I was simply curious about this therapy which is supposed to be effective to a variety of illnesses and I purchased the book. I put the book aside thinking I might try this therapy in case I have any problems. One year later, I did, and it made me think that I would die with some health issue,' said Hiroyuki.
He visited Kihodo for his first Goshinjo therapy on April 12, 2011.
'When Goshinjo therapy implements were placed on my chest I felt a strong pain and experienced a tingling feeling to the tips of my left hand. Just after the session I felt listlessness all over my body, however, when I went to bed I realized that the severe pressure in my chest which I had had since the earthquake was gone. The unusual presence in my chest which I had always felt also disappeared.
I had always carried my mobile phone around my waist in a holder attached to my belt. After my first session of Goshinjo therapy I started to recognize Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) caused by electromagnetic waves through numbness around my waist when I put my mobile phone in the holder, so I stopped doing it. I also felt pins and needles in my mobile holding hand when I used my mobile phone. I think that the accumulated Jaki (excessive electromagnetic energy) in my body was removed by Goshinjo therapy and the life energy started to flow much better.
The following day I could walk 15 minutes from the station to home without resting and I did not suffer any shortness of breath. I was amazed with the effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy.'
Hiroyuki had Goshinjo therapy sessions on April 13, 15 and 19, and felt exhilarating. His chronic pain in his knees when climbing stairs has also disappeared.
On April 19, one week after his first session he purchased Goshinjo therapy implements and started administering Goshinjo therapy to himself every day at home. He now visits Kihodo once a week for his wellbeing.

His cholesterol and blood sugar levels have also improved.
'I cancelled my hospital appointment at the end of April because I felt good, however I visited the hospital on May 19 just to check my heart and the tests revealed that my cardiomegaly and arrhythmia had completely recovered as did the size of my heart. My blood pressure was 135 over 90 which was normal and the other results had also improved. The doctor was surprised and asked me whether I did something whilst he was checking my x-ray and the test results.
In early April I took the depressor Artist for some days, however after having Goshinjo therapy it caused dizziness, so I stopped taking it. Therefore, the test results were all due to Goshinjo therapy. The doctor did not speak about the intracardiac catheter any longer,' said Hiroyuki and showed me the blood test results.
The results of April 7 when Hiroyuki suffered from heart problems showed total cholesterol, neutral fat, glucose and HbAlc which are indicators of diabetes were all high as well as his blood pressure. The situations were typical life-style related diseases with high blood pressure, high fat and high blood sugar.
However, the results as of May 19, one month after Hiroyuki started Goshinjo therapy, showed total cholesterol and neutral fat were normal, glucose was close to normal and HbAlc was lowered without any special treatment for diabetes.
The table below shows his test results which indicate that Goshinjo therapy helped improve his health.

Item April 7, 2011 May 19, 2011
Blood Pressure
Max. 140mmHg or lower ― Min. 90mmHg or lower
155―105 135―90
Blood Tests T-Cho(Total Cholesterol)
236 211
TG(Neutral Fat)
649 131
251 118
HbAlc(Test for diabetes)
7.8 7.6

Stress from running convenience stores and the massive earthquake
'Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude to Master Kida. I am really happy that I have come across Goshinjo therapy.'
Hiroyuki told me just how much Goshinjo therapy helped to reduce his mental burden.
'For 17 years I ran convenience stores, at one stage 3 stores at once. Just after I opened one store I could not find any night shift workers, so I worked night shift as well as day shift. I often worked 36 hours continuously. There were no days off and I did not have any time to spare. I was very healthy and did not mind being busy. However, the business may have caused a lot of pressure and stress.
Running a convenience store is very competitive. As soon as it starts to run well you will find a new convenience store opening nearby, and your sales revenue halves. The more stores open in the area, the more competitive it gets.'
Hiroyuki had to give up one store after another due to vigorous acquisition among convenience stores and the negotiations for compensation lasted a while.
During such a stressful period for him the massive earthquake hit.
'On March 11 after the earthquake all the trains stopped in Tokyo. Everything was chaotic. Food, water, batteries, whatever you needed were sold out and for days there were no deliveries of any items to sell.
Computers are essential for running convenience stores. Over the years of using my computer it may have affected my heart, and with all the negotiations and the massive earthquake I suffered a lot of stress and worry which contributed to my heart failure,' said Hiroyuki.

Goshinjo therapy helps reduce stress from a scale of a maximum of 100 down to 1.
Hiroyuki's negotiations had finally been resolved. He described Goshinjo therapy helping reduce the impact of that stress during those negotiations.
'After Goshinjo therapy, I really feel refreshed physically and mentally. Even just 10 minutes of Goshinjo therapy that I administer to myself makes the difference. I ponder that when my life energy flows better by Goshinjo therapy, positive waves are directed toward people around me emitting positive results.'
Master Kida's explanation about Hiroyuki's case is as follows.
'Your heart runs on infinitesimal electricity. In case of Hiroyuki who had suffered from arrhythmia and cardiomegaly, he carried a lot of Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) in his chest. As a result of removing accumulated Jaki by Goshinjo therapy and creating the correct life energy field (electromagnetic field), his heart which suffered from cardiomegaly and arrhythmia returned to normal.
In this modern era, people carry strong Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) all over their bodies including their hearts and brains. There are lots of factors which cause Jaki and just like the case of Hiroyuki, stress is one of those factors. When you carry Jaki you feel the stress at its maximum. However, when Jaki is removed by Goshinjo therapy the stress is minimized.'

Hiroyuki had lost his 17-year business and has to find new employment.
'Starting a new career at my age should be extremely stressful and worrying. However, I feel very enthusiastic about finding new employment and I will try my best. Goshinjo therapy implements are my lucky charm which gives me energy.'
I know many patients that have regained their healthy bodies and minds by removing Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy), as did Hiroyuki. I could sense his positive energy.

June 17, 2011
Masako Kubota
English translation R & A Grosso