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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
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Volume 11 Excruciating Refractory Pain
-Trigeminal neuralgia and severe headaches after shingles-

Started with Hunt syndrome
There is nothing worse than acute pain for a sick person. If it is stubborn, persistent pain, it often forces a sufferer into a corner and has the potential to induce suicide.
Mr. Hiroaki Fukawa (fictitious name, age 43), an executive of a company from Kyushu, suffered from excruciating pain to his face and head for approximately 10 years and it often made him think about suicide. It started with facial palsy caused by Hunt syndrome (Ramsay Hunt syndrome/herpes zoster oticus) in March, 1999.
Hunt syndrome occurs when shingles affects an ear and has symptoms like facial palsy. Exorbitant overtime and stress are known causes. Hiroaki worked more than 100 hours of overtime per month and slept only 2 to 3 hours per day when it started.
His facial palsy improved with steroid treatment when he was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks, however, it did nothing for the trigeminal neuralgia and caused excruciating pain to the left side of his face and had a headache all the time. Neuralgia often remains after shingles and causes stubborn pain which medication does not ease. In Hiroakifs case, the shingles affected the trigeminal neuralgic area and the pain was severe.

Pain caused him depression.
eThe pain in the limbs may be easier to handle, however, the pain in the face and the headaches caused by trigeminal neuralgia were really tough to handle. The acute pain was like being pierced by pins in the left side of my face and the tightening headaches occurring uncountable times per day lasting a little less than a minute were unbearable. They made my life difficult without hope. I tried everything to reduce the severe pain, but nothing helped,f said Hiroaki.
Hiroaki had spent approximately 10 years to improve the trigeminal neuralgia, trying every treatment he could find.
eAt a pain clinic I had had stellate block injections around 3 times a week for approximately 8 years, more than 1,000 times in total. However, the block injection only numbed the feeling for a couple of hours and after it wore off the severe pain returned. Pain killers like Loxonin and analgesics like Tegretor were not effective. I also tried acupuncture and Chinese medicine which did not improve the symptoms at all. Then, I started to feel sick and dizzy, and I was diagnosed with gMeniere syndromeh. My neuralgic pains and headaches became more severe and I could not sleep at night. I tried visiting different hospitals, alternative electrotherapy, qigong, etc., however, nothing was effective and I just kept struggling with pains,f said Hiroaki.
In August 2007, Hiroaki was admitted to a neurology ward of a hospital to have a thorough check, however, the doctors could not identify the cause and told him there were nothing they could do.
At that time, he was diagnosed with edepression caused by painf. His pain and depression did not improve despite taking 60 tables (antidepressant, analgesic, sleeping tablet, anticonvulsant, etc.) per day.

eElectroconsulsive therapyf is questionable.
In February 2008, Hiroaki was admitted to the psychiatry ward of the same hospital.
eMy depression was caused by pain. My depression would be improved if the pain was gone. However, I was put amongst suicidal patients. I received electroconsulsive therapy which was supposed to be effective towards pain by putting me under a general anesthetic and receiving electroshocks. After the therapy I was a wreck without any reduction in pain. I asked the doctors to stop after the second of ten scheduled sessions.f
Hiroaki was discharged from the hospital in March. He also tried a starvation diet cure for 10 days in May and still there was no improvement.
eNot only were those treatments ineffective, but they also were deteriorating my condition. Medication often made my pain worse and there were side-effects such as shaky hands, visual and auditory hallucinations. My depression worsened.f

Excruciating pain disappeared by Goshinjo therapy.
Hiroakifs fight against pain was tough and long not only for Hiroaki himself but also for his wife. One day, his wife came across Goshinjo therapy on the internet. Its theory to remove Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) sounded very new from the conventional therapies.
Hiroaki visited Kihodo on June 10, 2008. After the first session he felt a little better, but there was not much difference in his pain. eI heard later that Master Kida was away on that day and his disciple administered Goshinjo therapy to me very gently because the amount of Jaki accumulated in my body was enormous.f
He received the second session on the following day from Master Kida and said,
eWhen Master Kida applied Goshinjo therapy implements to my face, head and ears, I experienced severe pain through my body and I felt that Jaki was expelled from my hands and feet with a tingling feeling. The severe pain that was concentrated on one area of my face dispersed to tens of locations and the pain in my face disappeared. My eyes were refreshed as if fog had cleared. My wife was amazed at the change of my expression and that I became bright after the treatment. It was dramatic that such excruciating pain had disappeared. I have never experienced something like that. It was miraculous. It was really hard to believe.f
He had 5 sessions of consecutive Goshinjo therapy and his pain which he had tolerated for approximately 10 years had completely disappeared.

Looking after your own health.
eUsually my neuralgia and headache get worse in an airplane as it flies higher, however, after Goshinjo therapy treatments I did not suffer,f said Hiroaki. After he returned to Kyushu the pain returned occasionally, but it was less frequent and less painful. He hardly needed any medication.
Hiroaki visited Kihodo again one month later for 5 more sessions and purchased Goshinjo therapy implements. He started to administer Goshinjo therapy to himself. He revisited Kihodo in August for 4 more sessions and his everyday pain also disappeared.
Hiroaki looked after his health by himself and his wife with Goshinjo therapy, however, stress from his work increased and around the end of 2008 his neuralgia and headaches returned.
On August 12, 2009, he visited Kihodo again for treatment.
eI could feel Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) was removed during the treatment of my whole body. I will come back to Kihodo regularly in addition to my self-treatment to maintain my health.f

eI hope my experience can help others.f
eLast year, I visited the hospital I used to go and told the doctor about Goshinjo therapy, but he did not believe me. I understand he does not accept the effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy which is achieved simply by stroking and pressing the body with golden probes. However, the doctor insisted to me that my depression was not cured, I had been under a misapprehension as if my pain had gone and he said he would refer me to the best doctor in Kyushu for my pain. I was shocked with the doctorfs words.f
eMaster Kida told me that the only one problem with Goshinjo therapy is that it is difficult to have people believe. It is true. I would like many people to know about my experience that my excruciating pain that I had endured for around 10 years completely disappeared with Goshinjo therapy. My 10-year fight against pain will not be in vain if my story helps sufferers with excruciating refractory pain like trigeminal neuralgia.f
Hiroakifs expression was very bright and it was difficult to believe he used to suffer from depression.

August 26, 2009
Masako Kubota
English translation@R & A Grosso