Goshinjo Therapy
For severe pain, allergies, cancers, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and other incurable diseases

Actual Testimonials

Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

Currently in many medical practitioner locations Goshinjo therapy is administered by many doctors and therapists. Also many people who are not doctors or therapists have achieved good results in curing illness using Goshinjo therapy just like good doctors.
As I wrote in my books, Goshinjo therapy makes ordinary people good doctors. The ordinary people here are the people who really would like to help others suffering from illnesses and persons desperate to find a cure for their illnesses.
This doesn't mean Goshinjo therapy can cure every illness. Depending on the illness it can take a very long time, and depending on the stage of illness, it often cannot achieve the expected results. Situations are different in every case for the same illness. However, by using Goshinjo therapy, housewives, ordinary people and doctors have already been achieving remarkable curing results for illness or pain when all other treatments failed. Additionally, the more Goshinjo therapy is applied the higher the quality of energy is obtained. The quality of energy is an important factor in curing illness. Without exaggeration, the quality of energy determines the level of curing illness. The higher the quality of energy achieved, the greater number of illnesses which can be cured.